Simple Damage Tracker

Tired of switching to WarRoom or searching for appropriate cards? Damage trackers are an easy way to keep track of your model's damage. Damage Trackers are available in all our laserply and acrylic materials. Personally, I would not recommend wood as it doesn't work well with dry-erase markers ;) - the other materials do.

Please choose one of the following base sizes for your Damage Trackers:
* 30mm
* 40mm
* 50mm
* 120mm

Please choose one of the following damage grids for your Damage Trackers:
* 5 damage boxes
* 8 damage boxes
* 10 damage boxes
* 15 damage boxes
* Beast Aspects: Body, Spirit, Mind
* Jack Systems: M, C, L, R, H, A
* Colossal Systems: M, L, R, C, S
* Monstrosity Systems: M, L, R, B
* Retribution Jack Systems: M, L, R, C, A, G
* Convergence Jack Systems: M, L, R, I, H
* Convergence Colossal: M, L, R, S, I

Additionally, if you run into the issue that sometimes your battlefield is just too crowded to place a marker next to the model, you can choose to have your Damage Tracker come with an empty label to write down the model type.

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