Austrian Warmachine Masters 2015









Welcome to the First Austrian Warmachine Masters!

Greetings Warmachine & Hordes enthusiasts! The first iteration of the Warmachine & Hordes Austrian Masters takes place on July 25th and 26th 2015 at the Louis Braille house (Hägelingasse 4-6, 1140 Vienna).

A short overview of the tournament:
  • 64 players max
  • the current PP Masters ruleset is used: 50 points, 2 lists required (character restrictions; each list has to be played at least once), 60min deathclock. Be aware that the ADR roster may change until summer!
  • lunches (menus, consisting of soup/main course/dessert on saturday/sunday) included in the event fee
  • cheap drinks available at the tournament locations
  • This event is an alternate Qualifier for ClogCon International
  • "50 washes of grey" - an international miniature painting competition held on Sunday
  • massive prize support - please see our list of sponsors!

No painting required. Players are advised to mark the front arcs of their units and to provide enough tokens to mark relevant game effects. Tokens should be placed next to the model/unit that is affected for the sake of clarity.
Prereleased models are not permitted for play. The PP proxy model policy will be enforced - if you have doubt your model is legal for tournament play, please contact us IN ADVANCE to avoid frustration at the tournament.
We have timers for Deathclock at every table but players are allowed to bring their own chess clock (app).
It goes without saying but we want to point it out once again: spectators should only communicate with players of an ongoing game in a language that BOTH PLAYERS of said game can understand. Conversations between players and spectators should be kept to a minimum during a game in progress. If a spectator catches a wrong interpretation of rules/quarrels between players/etc., he or she should immediately inform a TO/judge!

All the tournament details can be found in the Event Rules Document.

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